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„Design, Build and Fly“ is the phrase under which Stuttgart hosts the 7 th Air Cargo Challenge in summer 2019. Young, dedicated students present their model aircraft, designed and developed by themselves, in an exciting competition with student associations from all over Europe.

A powerful team, good ideas, great ambition and a lot of technical finesse are the foundation for success. Technical aspects aside, project management, team leadership and presenting your own ideas are very important too. By participating in the Air Cargo Challenge, you can implement your individual ideas together with a team of your choice.

Tinker on your own, sophisticated model aircraft and show what you have learned at university. Benefit from this big challenge and grow personally. Demonstrate that setbacks can’t hold you back and always focus on your goal: to see your plane fly and maybe already dream of victory?

A competition on an international level is the perfect opportunity to extend your horizon. The Air Cargo Challenge 2019 will bring together dedicated students from all over Europe and lead to a lot of new worldwide friendships. So, what are you waiting for? Get started, build up a powerful team and allow your creativity to run free. Draw up a first draft, make your first calculations and experience a unique and unforgettable summer in Stuttgart.

Here it remains to be seen: “Who constructs most effectively, as light and fast as possible and is simply the best?”